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Economy - Western Apache
By the 1950s most of the non-Indians who were running livestock on Indian land . All these activities provide jobs and income for at least part of the population.

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Mescalero Apaches work to save language - Native American Times
Nov 10, 2011 . Jobs; About Us . In the schools, thousands of Native American children were plucked from their homes and families, and . Nowadays, the Mescalero Apache dialect, like other indigenous languages, is being ground down by .

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Facts for Kids: Apache Indians (Apaches)
Information about the Apache Indians for students and teachers. Covers food, homes, arts . Most of his job was mediating between other Apaches. Most Apache .

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Apaches - History, Modern era, The first apaches in america
Sep 26, 2007 . Apache reservations are also located in Arizona and New Mexico. . taken on July 14, 1919 in Mescalero, New Mexico, features Apache Indians. . It is open year-round, and contributes both jobs and tourist dollars to the .

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The history of the Apache Indians
Read about the history and culture behind the Apache Indians. . The Apache Indians came from the Alaskan region, Canada, and portions of the American . Jobs4Natives - Search Engine list of Jobs for American Indians in North America.

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Ketoacidosis in Apache Indians With Non—Insulin-Dependent ...
To better define the clinical features that may be associated with ketoacidosis in patients with NIDDM, we reviewed the medical histories of Apache Indians with .

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Native American Indian Culture- Navajo, Apache, and Hopi Indians
Information on Native American Indian culture and jewelry of the Navajo Indian . The Apache culture originated in Canada but most migrated . "mulatto man, with the upper lip cut in the middle," whose job included watching and directing the .

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Apache raids on settlers accompanied the American westward movement and the United States acquisition of New Mexico in 1848. The Native Americans and .

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Post-high school employment: a follow-up of Apache Native American
The purpose of this study was to assess the post-high school employment status of Apache Native American youth. In 1992, face-to-face interviews were .

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Native Americans: Apache Indian History and Culture
Culture, history, art, religion, and genealogy of the Apache Indians.

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Native Americans and World War II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some 44,000 Native Americans served in the United States military during World . The war meant the draft for young men, and high paying war jobs in far-away . In California, many of the "Urban Indians" came from the Apache, Hopi and .

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Apache Family
Failure to fulfill the duties of family life was the principal causes of divorce. . Apache Indians would never approach graves even though the buried were their .

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About Apache Tribe Education |
Currently, Native American agencies are working to preserve the Apache culture . The community colleges work to help students find good-paying jobs or to .

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What type of jobs did apache Indians have
What type of jobs did apache Indians have? In: Jobs [Edit categories]. Answer: There were hunters, horse breeders, medicine men, builders, craftsmen, small .

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Arizona's Native American Indians: Traditions: An Arizona Republic ...
Arizona Republic special report: Traditions: A look at the native american indian tribes of Arizona. . Phoenix AZ Jobs in Arizona · Phoenix jobs . Many Apache mothers want their daughters to experience the sacred ceremony, just as they did .

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Post-High School Employment: A Follow-Up of Apache Native - ERIC
Title: Post-High School Employment: A Follow-Up of Apache Native American Youth. Full-Text Availability Options: More Info: Help | Help Movie Tutorial Help .

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The Apache Kid - Legends of America
Learning English at an early age, he worked at odd jobs in Globe and was soon . Enlisting Apache Indians from San Carlos and other reservations, the enlisted .

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Did Apache Native American's Travel
Did Apache Native American's Travel? In: Apache Indians [Edit categories] . Jobs & Education; Law & Legal Issues; Literature & Language; Relationships .'s_Travel

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What is the Role of the Apache Woman? |
Historically, the Apache women did a vast amount of work for their families and for... . Historically the Apache Indians were hunters and gatherers and mostly nomadic. Living in the . What Are the Roles & Duties of a Vietnamese Matriarch ?

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American Indians Today/Current problems - Wikibooks, open books ...
So for many Native Americans there . the Mescalero-Apache) were tempted .

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